Review – MMS224: Thor (Dark World) 1:6 Scale Figure

Today I’ll be doing a review of the 1:6 scale Thor figure from Thor: Dark World. Released in the U.S. in late July, this marks the third Thor figure to see release from Hot Toys and the first figure from the Dark World sequel (with Thor in Light Asgard Armor and brother Loki not too far behind).

MMS 224 Thor Dark World 26

Thor comes in a Mjolnir-styled packaging, with a reflective silver finish and designed in the shape of the famous hammer of Asgard. With the top lid removed, Thor is secured tightly by an inner tray and a plastic covering that helps keep all of his extra pieces and accessories in place. His black poncho comes neatly folded and secured behind the figure itself.

MMS 224 Thor Dark World 06

In 1:6 scale, Thor stands roughly 12.5″ tall from head to toe, accurately representing actor Chris Hemsworth’s 6’3″ size. After the Thor and Avengers versions of Thor, each of which was a decent but less-than-perfect representation of Hemsworth’s likeness, Hot Toys developed an all new headsculpt and have really hit the likeness in true form. The hair is cast in pliable material, giving the figure good head posibility in many different angles. The head pops off in order to easily remove the red cape, which is secured by two pins jammed into Thor’s front shoulders. With the cape out of the way, display possibilities are increased with the inclusion of Thor’s black poncho.

MMS 224 Thor Dark World 09

Thor features a newly developed muscular body type, fitting for Hemsworth’s bulky physique. A good portion of Thor’s armor is attached to his body, with little of being removable. The only real exceptions to this would be his gauntlets and the top part of his boots. While the figure has over 30 points of articulation, the muscular body’s nature makes certain posability difficult. The torso armor restricts virtually all movement in the torso area, and the elbows and knees are restricted to around 90-degree movement. Of course, hands and feet feature full mobility, and the inclusion of a Thor: The Dark World logoed stand helps allow airborne or action poses.

MMS 224 Thor Dark World 11

In addition to the stand, poncho, and fisted hands, Thor comes with three additional sets of hands (relaxed, gripping, open), an extra set of cape pins, two additional hand pegs, and of course Thor’s trusty hammer, Mjornil. Mjornil is a beast, weighing enough that certain poses become difficult without the use of the display stand for balance.

MMS 224 Thor Dark World 18

Thor has just started to hit stores, so he can easily be had around retail price (which is typically around $229.99). is always a great choice, as is Things From Another World.