47 Degrees of Iron Man & Hot Toys

It’s hard to believe that we’re approaching the 10-year mark of Iron Man hitting theaters, paving the way for a dozen-plus additional Marvel movies that have been a constant presence in theaters and in pop culture collecting. I remember clearly, when Iron Man 3 was announced and Hot Toys subsequently unveiled the Iron Man Mark XLII 1:6 Scale Figure, the jump to Mark 42 from the most recent release (the Mark 7 from The Avengers) was….well, it was jaw-dropping to say the least. In one movie we’ve gone up 35 armors? How can that be? A viewing of the movie made it obvious that everything from the Mark VIII to Mark XLI were done by Tony Stark as happy little worker armors and likely wouldn’t be prominently featured in the films. But still, I had to joke with myself….will Hot Toys have the stones and the customer base to get all 34 of these missing armors made?

Here were are, nearly five years later, and with Avengers: Age of Ultron, Captain America: Civil War, and Spider-Man: Homecoming seeing new armors from Mr. Stark, we sit at a count of 47 unique armor designs. And wouldn’t you know…Hot Toys has covered nearly 70% of them in their 1:6 scale Movie Masterpiece Series line. As of this article’s post date, 32 of the 47 armors to date have been made, which equates to some amazing displays and many an empty wallet. But let’s not stop at the base of 47 armors! We’ve also seen reissues of the Mark I, Mark IV, Mark VI and Mark XLII, upgraded die-cast reissues of the Mark II, Mark III, Mark IV, Mark V, Mark VI, and Mark VII, the Unleashed Mark II, and a slew of color variants of the Mark III (Blue Stealth, Gunmetal Grey, Battle Damaged), Mark VII (Black Stealth, Sub-Zero, Battle Damaged), Mark XXI (Chrome), and “retro” versions of Mark XV and XLI.

And this doesn’t even touch War Machine or Iron Patriot.

Here’s a fun chart I put together of everything up through the Mark XLVII from Homecoming. How many more of these blank spots will be filled? Only time will tell.

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