ARH Studios Arkhalla: Queen of Vampires 1:6 Scale Figures

The newest 1:6 scale figure from ARH Studios has been revealed! Arkhalla, Queen of Vampires stands 11.5″ tall and comes with:

1 x head sculpt
1 x TB League female seamless body with metal skeleton
3 pairs x interchangeable hands
2 pairs x detachable feet
1 x Asag’s Crown
1 pair x armbands
1 pair x bracelets
1 pair x anklets
1 pair x pasties
1 x bikini-style top
1 x belt
1 x skirt
1 x Queen’s Scepter
1 x Sacrificial Knife
1 x Sickle Sword
1 x Skull Goblet
1 x base (A representation of “ASAG’S MIRROR” in the story)
4 color packaging

Arkhalla is due in May 2018 and retails at $169.99, and is up for preorder on the ARH site.