Review: DC Bombshells Starfire Statue

I’m happy to say we are kicking off an effort to bring more reviews to the site! While I’ve done a handful of reviews in the past, I have big plans to post at least one new review each week, even if it’s as simple as throwing a slew of photos out there for you all to see. Today I’m going to take a look at one of the beautiful statues in the DC Bombshells line, Starfire.

Let’s be honest, there isn’t a Starfire statue out there that doesn’t look fantastic. Hughes’ Cover Girls, Dodson’s Women of the DC Universe bust, Connor’s Designer statue, Yamashita’s Bishoujo, plus a handful of others…there’s something about that orange, green, and purple combination that never fails in bringing a vibrant, eye-catching piece of work. Based on the work of Ant Lucia and sculpted by Jack Mathews, The DC Bombshells Starfire adds a layer of fun and playfulness to the character, thus far rivaled only by the Connor version. The 11″ tall figure features the orange Tamaranean in a deep purple “sexy firefighter” outfit, if you will, straight from Station 52 as labeled on her helmet (DC does love their 52). With a startled look on her face, Starfire uses a bucket of water to put out the raging fire behind her.

Starfire comes in the standard DC Collectibles box style, with the standard white background and character-related color highlighting around the box. Needless to say, the purple used for Starfire accents the display of the box nicely. And of course we get the DC Collectibles’ 20th Anniversary stamp on the small angled side. Despite the degree of movement represented by the statue, it comes in only three parts – the base, the name placard, and Starfire herself. As is noted on the base itself, the statue is limited to a production run of 5,000 pieces.

I have to be honest, when I took a real close look at the statue and saw all the tiny little detailed protrusions from the fire and the water, I had this terrible fear that a few of them were going to be rattling around loose inside of the box. Despite the seemingly high potential for breakage, everything held together wonderfully in shipment to me. That doesn’t mean I’m not going to worry like hell when I box the statue back up, but for now she’s safe. The nameplate is magnetized to fit snugly and safely into the slot on the stand, and Starfire herself has two pegs on her foot to secure her in place. DCC made a good call in not including any additional mounting support on the fire hair piece…doing so would have opened up way too much risk for breakage with the pressure involved sliding it into place. Overall the paint quality is impressive, with nice highlights in the form of green earrings and suspender buckles, her ruby lipstick, and purple mascara, plus the layers of purple in her outfit. I love how her pupils are only a slightly off shade of green compared to the rest of her eyes – enough to be noticeable, but not enough to cause what I think would have been overkill. Her hair – a separately sculpted piece – starts off a deep red but gradually becomes more orange and translucent, effectively giving the fire effect that Starfire seems to desperate to extinguish. The seam line on the hair is really the only complaint I have about the piece – the transition comes off as kind of sloppy when viewed up close.

Starfire was just released within the last month and can still be found at many retail outlets and . I picked mine up from Things From Another World who has it at $112.50 (10% off the $125 retail price).